We offer and stock many styles and sizes of welded and vinyl-coated wire ideal for cages, pens, etc.  Please select one of the categories below to narrow your search:

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BEZINAL & GALFAN products: Welded Wire Products with a Zinc/Aluminum Finish. This material has aluminum added to the finish. The aluminum does not get damaged from the welding process like galvanizing does. Thus the aluminum melts during welding and re-solidifies, which protects the joint from rusting, creating a very rust resistant finish. Bekaert's Bezinal uses a steel with similar stiffness as galvanized after welded wire products. Riverdale's Galfan uses a somewhat softer steel than what Bezinal or galvanized after products use, thus making it more pliable and easier to cut and straighten. At the same time, this fact makes it not as rigid or as strong as Bezinal or galvanized after welded wire.

Bezinal 12 1/2-gauge With Zinc/Aluminum Finish

Bezinal 14-gauge With Zinc/Aluminum Finish

Riverdale's Galfan 14-gauge With Zinc/Aluminum Finish

Riverdale Galfan 14-gauge Baby Saver With Zinc/Aluminum Finish

Galvanized After Mesh:  Welded first, then dipped and galvanized to seal over the joints.  The galvanizing is thick, providing long life.  The wire used in our galvanized-after welded brands is made from a stiffer and stronger steel.  This fact makes it a little harder to cut and straighten the wire, but at the same time it is more supportive and stiffer.

Riverdale 14-gauge Galvanized After

Riverdale 16-gauge Galvanized After

Riverdale 14-gauge Galvanized After Baby Saver

Tinsley 14-gauge Galvanized After

Galvanized Before Mesh:  An economical mesh.  The wire is galvanized before welding, which damages the galvanizing at the joints during the welding process.  Thus, the material rusts more quickly.

Riverdale 14-16 gauge Galvanized Before

Riverdale 14-gauge Galvanized Before Baby Saver

Vinyl-Coated Mesh:  A rust-proof PVC coating, in black or green, over galvanized steel.

Riverdale Vinyl-Gard - Mesh sizes finer than 1" x 2" or 2" x 1"

Riverdale Vinyl-Gard - 1" x 2" and 2" x 1" mesh

Shepherd Vinyl-Coated Wire

Hexagonal Mesh and Hardware Cloth:

Tinsley Galvanized After Hex Weaving

Riverdale Vinyl-Gard Hexagonal Mesh

Tinsley Galvanized After Hardware Cloth

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